At Phoenox textiles we always strive to embed sustainable practices in every part of our business and we are proud to be a zero to landfill company.

Based in West Yorkshire, an area that has always been at the heart of the UK’s textile industry, we employ a large local workforce, many within walking distance of our factory. The beauty of this region has inspired us in a sustainable strategy to minimise the environmental impact with products that reduce waste and cut down the use of scarce natural resources.
This philosophy has led us to developing and creating environmentally sustainable products. We constantly look for ways to improve our environmental credentials, from recycling our water and waste to using renewable energy to power our machines.


The use of recycled materials is big news at the moment but we have been recycling cotton and plastic bottles for over 10 years!
Wherever possible our products have been designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly from the outset. We develop products that up-cycle waste materials that would normally be thrown away and create practical, efficient products that have a long and useful life.

The waste materials we use for the products we manufacture in the UK include:

• Over 5.9 million recycled cotton garments per year in the tufting of our cotton mats – our philosophy is to reuse don’t abuse natural resources. 

• Over 7.5 million recycled PET plastic bottles* per year are used to create the extra tough membrane that bonds the tufts to the backing on all our mats. 

• Over 100 tonnes of post industrial plastic is used in the rubber backed products per year. 

• Plus we continually recycle the water off our backing line machinery to help run our Yorkshire mills.

From the sourcing of these materials, the development of entirely new manufacturing processes, using cleaner/greener sources of electricity made by hydro pumps, windmill farms and solar, through to disposal and recycling of our products, we try to consider everything to ensure the products we make have as light an environmental footprint as possible.
The development of environmentally friendly products is a continuous process. We are constantly looking to improve manufacturing techniques and use of sustainable materials.


Wherever possible we have replaced plastic with cardboard and where we use plastic we’ve changed it to recyclable, biodegradable plastic, we’ve even changed the tape we now use an eco-tape which is recyclable, biodegradable and doesn’t need to be removed when used boxes are recycled! We are constantly looking for ways to improve our environmental policies. It is our mission to minimise the use of resources and to work with our customers to reduce their use of resources through environmentally responsible packaging systems.

The packaging for our large customers has been replaced with Tote boxes – large green containers that are filled with product for delivery and then returned to Phoenox to be refilled for next delivery which has now removed the need for any transit packaging. When using pallets to pack products we now use nano film which saves significantly on environmental waste by reducing consumption of film per pallet. 


We fully understand the impact of manufacturing, the use of scarce resources and the waste it can create, so we are constantly striving to improve our textile business both ethically and environmentally. Our factories are environmentally friendly & comply to all major standards of social compliance. We are Sedex members – the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) is a not-for-profit membership organisation for businesses committed to the continuous improvement of ethical performance within their supply chains.


Although plastics are the big issue in the press at the moment we are already aware that an even more important issue is climate change and the need to lower C02 emissions. We are looking to expand our manufacturing base in Yorkshire this will allow us to create more British manufactured products so reducing the need for imports. 

We feel that as a British manufacturer of high quality products with plans to continue developing sustainable products and processes in the future we are perfectly placed to create mutually beneficial partnerships with like minded companies. If you are interested in our strategy and are looking to focus on sustainability going forward please talk to us about how we can work together.