Phoenox Textiles - UK textile manufacturer - flooring products

Our approach

Phoenox Textiles are not just another flooring manufacturer. We are proud to be the only textile manufacturer still producing flooring products in the UK. Learn more about the differences that set us apart.

Phoenox Textiles - UK textile manufacturer - flooring products
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An unrivalled heritage in producing the finest quality textiles

We’ve been manufacturing textiles from our home in West Yorkshire (UK) for almost seven decades. Many of our workers come from the village where we are based, often from the same family. This means craft skills are passed down from generation to generation, preserving heritage skills and allowing us to produce quality products that few can match.

Creatively-led textile development that's focused on the future

Design and consumer trends lie at the heart of everything we do. Our creative team are ahead of the curve, constantly looking down the line for the latest trends that will influence consumer behaviour.  Because so much of our manufacturing is done on-site, our design team have an unparalleled partnership with our manufacturing operation. From choosing yarns and developing bespoke colour palettes to investing in specialist machinery that enables the perfect finish, everything we do is designed to deliver beautiful products of impeccable quality.

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Faster response times help your business stay ahead

Because we manufacture 80% of products from our two mills in West Yorkshire, we can react quickly to demand. Not only does this help to ensure orders are fulfilled efficiently, but also helps product development. That ensures a regular flow of new and exciting ranges are always made available to our customers.

Phoenox Textiles - manufacturing company yorkshire

A service-led culture that puts customer success first

The service from Phoenox doesn’t end when you place an order. Our experienced team of sales reps, and account managers are on hand to help you succeed. From regular range reviews, quality merchandising and the latest marketing support, we work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.

Phoenox Textiles - manufacturing company yorkshire

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