Pioneers in textile innovation

At Phoenox, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our product range. Whether integrating recycled materials into our manufacturing process or developing breakthrough innovations, our research and development process is focused on changing the face of the textiles industry for good.

Hug Rug hygienic doormat with anti-microbial anti-bacterial technology

Certified anti-microbial and anti-bacterial coating

Most doorways are a breeding ground for germs. Developed over many months of extensive testing, Phoenox’s antimicrobial antiviral technology helps to improve hygiene in busy entranceways and is applied to all our cotton, plain and fleck Hug Rugs®.

It uses the highly effective antimicrobial agent Zinc pyrithione and has been proven to inhibit the growth of common bacteria and viruses such as e-coli, coronavirus, MRSA and influenza H1N1.

Multi-coloured boots laying on a rug

Patented acoustic dampening technology

Feet and paws can generate lots of unwanted noise, especially on exposed flooring. Our patented acoustic dampening technology is a world first for door mats.

Applied to every Hug Rug®, our patented coating absorbs up to 26db of sound, instead of it being reflected back into the room. Not only does this help to reduce the sound of footsteps, but also unwanted background sounds like conversations, music or external traffic.

Multi-coloured boots laying on a rug
Phoenox Textiles - augmented reality product views of door mats and rugs

Augmented Reality (AR) product views

Phoenox Textiles are the first UK doormat manufacturer to offer AR (augmented reality)  views of our products. This groundbreaking innovation allows users to visualise products in their living space by simply scanning a QR code or clicking a web link.

It’s the perfect solution for online retailers, or for stockists who might lack sufficient space to show our full collection. Click the link below to see an example for yourself.

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